Social Media

There was a time when billboards, flyers and brochures were the only way to reach potential guests.  Then came radio, a a couple decades later was followed by television. It became the gold standard for reaching the public.

Then everyone had to have a website.

Now, we’re in the midst of an incredible brave new world! Smart Phones & Tablets … Facebook & LinkedIn … Twitter … YouTube … Instagram … everything is always right there at the fingertips of potential guests! They can look up info on you from anywhere, they can have your latest special alert their phone, they can be as involved in your facility as you let them be! Successful amusement facilities take advantage of this and can turn it into advertising and customers.

William H. Robinson, Inc. can help set-up your facility on many of these engines and get your team focused on how to handle them properly. Put your message in the palm of every potential guests’ hands!